Hobart Enterprises Ltd was formed in 2005 to facilitate the growth and globalization of the Hobart Group of Companies.

Hobart Enterprises is the holding company of numerous importing, distributing and process companies worldwide. Its purpose is to start and attract similar companies which can add value to its already extensive base and benefit by being part of a global brand.


Be our business partners’ preferred SOLUTIONATOR to

Supply quality products
Manage the Supply Chain
Bring Value-Added products to market


Innovative leadership
Providing service excellence
Nurturing a collective spirit of unity

Mission Statement

To provide managed solutions for our business partners in the supply of quality raw materials and ingredients to the consumer speciality, chemical, agrochemical, human and animal nutritional industries.




Values Statement

We, Hobart Enterprises, choose to experience our core values of love, happiness, health and vitality, and develop integrity, confidence and enthusiasm by:

being open and honest, respectful, compassionate and accountable in all our dealings;

growing our self-knowledge and awareness to build respectful relationships with one another, customers and suppliers.