Hobart Enterprises Ltd was formed in 2005 to facilitate the growth and globalization of the Hobart Group of Companies.


Hobart Enterprises will be the preferred supplier of raw materials in selected global markets, distinguished by:

Providing excellent service
Nurturing a collective spirit of unity
Responsibility through ownership
Guaranteeing quality products
Innovative leadership

Mission Statement

Hobart Enterprises is consciously committed to caring for all stakeholders and providing service excellence to target customers globally in the manufacturing and mining sectors.


Our honest and professional team are always here to help


Our confidence in our work comes from support and years of experience within the group


Our Eager team gets the job done in a professional and timely manner

Values Statement

Hobart Enterprises choose to experience our core values of love, happiness, health and vitality, and develop integrity, confidence and enthusiasm by being honest, open and compassionate in all our dealings and growing our self knowledge and awareness to build respectful relationships with one another, customers and suppliers.

Global reach, Quality Products, Excellent Service