John & Joanne Schultz offered to foster 6 children and moved in with them in January 2018. Fostering these wonderful children is a huge responsibility, but John & Joanne see it as their calling. There are 3 boys and 3 girls and their ages range between 9 and 17 years. They consider the children to be part of their family and care for them as they did their now two adult children. They want to empower the children to become balanced, happy and functional members of society where they too can use the gifts and talents God has given them to make a difference in the lives of others.

Our structure

All legal, financial and funding matters are managed by the Nceda Phambili NPO and a Management Committee, consisting of 7 NPO members. The NPO is solely dependent on donations to cover the day-to­day expenses of the foster care children. Operational matters are managed by the foster parents, 1 staff member and volunteers.

The aim of the Committee is to support the foster parents, with the huge task of raising these precious children. John and Joanne have full-time careers and they are not financially compensated to foster the children. We as a committee work hard to ensure that the family is cared for and that their needs and requirements are met – be it food, security, clothing, schooling, medical and other special needs. Fundraising is a large part of our responsibility. Foster to Family is the sole beneficiary of all funds that we raise. The committee members work as volunteers and are also not financially compensated for their work.

Facing reality
Up to now, the NPO, with the support and generosity of some truly special people and sponsors, has managed to provide financially and emotionally for the children. With ever increasing daily living expenses such as petrol, electricity, municipal fees, food, medical needs, schooling, ect, it is impossible to care for the children relying only on the available government grant that is received per child. The NPO needs the help of consistent contributors to enable the proper care for these children.

Looking a head
The Management Committee and foster parents have the objective to become a more financially independent, stable and secure organisation that can provide for these children in such a way that they will enter adulthood with the best upbringing and preparation possible. We are in the process of planning ahead to ensure that each child will be able to get a proper education after school and be equipped to operate independently when they leave the care of the foster parents. To help us achieve our vision, we need and value the active support of businesses and individuals in our community. For this reason, we are reaching out and asking that you consider supporting this special family in caring for, nurturing, and empowering the children in their care. Regular monthly contributions will help us become the stable organisation that we wish to become.
The committee hosts regular network breakfasts to keep donors and volunteers up to date with how the family is doing. These breakfasts are also a valuable opportunity to discuss specific needs. Additionally, we host 2- 3 events at the house annually, to thank our volunteers and donors and facilitate getting to know the family more personally. Fundraising events are planned during the year, such as golf days, spring teas, sporting events, etc. We also have an active presence on Facebook and lnstagram (FostertoFamily).
Any company or individual that contributes, over the period of at least one year, will receive exposure on all appropriate marketing materials and online media, as well as at any events we hold.

How to contribute
We understand that this letter is really the start of a conversation; a conversation that will hopefully, lead to a long term relationship. If you would like to continue the conversation and discuss how you could partner with us, please contact me directly at 083 261 1117 or hello@teatimelearning.co.za. We hope to hear from you soon, and thank you in advance for your generosity.

Lianne Smuts
Funding and Administration

Management Committee: AM Keevy, JL Smuts, E Berowsky, GML Rossouw J Schultz, TJ Smith, JL Visagie

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