Our Charity Trust- Global Tea Parties- Fundraising in Mallow, Ireland

Mallow, Cork, Ireland On 19 May 2023, we hosted a Global Tea party organised by our Ireland team in Mallow. A huge selection of cakes and savoury were provided by our Mallow office colleagues. Our array of food included a famous strawberry cheesecake, vegetable samosas’, brownies and scones, to [...]

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Our Charity Trust- Global Tea Parties- Fundraising in Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa On 6 May 2023, our Carst & Walker team hosted their Global Tea Party. It was a lovely day and the team made R4 200 and are still raising funds until the 30 May. A range of homemade vetkoek, koeksisters, lemon meringue pies and much [...]

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Our Charity Trust- Global Tea Party- Fundraising in Buttevant, Ireland

Buttevant, Cork, Ireland On the 1st of April, Sara hosted a coffee morning in her home in Buttevant (Ireland). It was an excellent opportunity to get everyone together again, including her neighbours, friends, and fellow members of HECT. The event included planning, baking, and support from the team, making [...]

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New Product: Emulium® Mellifera MB

A flexible and multifunctional emulsifier is designed to delight. Our preferences for texture range widely and are greatly influenced by changes in skin type, environment, and culture. These differences range from light milky lotions to thick butters. Environmental factors have a big impact on how sensory characteristics are perceived everywhere around the world. Whether [...]

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